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Our restaurant serves between May and October.

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The extraordinary rich breakfast served by Swan Lake is prepared keeping in mind the words of famous Turkish Poet Cemal Süreya, “ I don’t know what you think about eating but I believe that there is a definite relationship of breakfast with happiness “.

We serve local fresh vegetables & herbs, various kinds of jam made of local fruits prepared by ourselves under sunlight, famous local honeydew honey, locally grown olives including our specially prepared varieties, various kinds of cheese from different regions of Turkey, at least two different daily surprises of our cook and more..

Without any time limit, with classical tunes playing softly and the amazing view of Selimiye bay in front of you...


Due to location of Selimiye at the intersection of South Aegean and Western Mediterranean regions, the theme of our cuisine naturally formed by local vegetables & herbs. Therefore we prepared a rich ‘Appetizers, Side Dishes & Salads’ menu from local natural herbs by using local olive oil. You will find various kinds of dishes of Cretan & Aegean kitchen prepared daily.

Other than Cretan & Aegean cuisine, different kinds of original Italian pasta with various kinds of sauces take place in our menu.

Steak or Fish served by side dishes prepared by local herbs are main course of our menu.

Biberli Lor
Girit Kabak Turşusu
Havuçlu Piyaz
Isırgan Otu
Kaz Ayağı Otu
Kaz Ayağı Otu Salatası


Yoğurtlu Arap Saçı Otu
Köpoğlu Mancası
Maş Piyaz
Zeytinli Meze
Kırmızı Biber Dolması
Arap Saçı Otu
Paşa Mezesi
Turp Otu Salatası
Yoğurtlu Isırgan Otu

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